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Scene J – On board


Look! There's Ben and Zoe!


Over there.

They both look happy.

Are you okay?

I'm tired! It was a hard game yesterday!

Do you feel proud?

Yes. I love winning!

Me too.

Yesterday I got so nervous.

I get nervous too. I was scared! But it felt great to win in the end.


He looks worried.

No, look, he's smiling! He's just shy.

Zoe's really happy.

I think she likes him!

They make a cool couple.

What's your favourite sport?

Well I love rugby, cricket, and skateboarding.

Cool! I like basketball and netball.

Netball's okay. Rugby is my favourite. I played in the Easter competition.

Yay! I love rugby, I hate soccer.


I invited Zoe to our birthday party!

This is great!

Yeah. It's great downstairs too.

I like it up here. Cool view!

Who's that with Zoe?

It's Ben, my friend from Christchurch.

Where are the girls?

Inside. In the cafe.


I'm hungry. I'll go ahead and join them.

No problem.

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