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Scene B – Meeting the family



Who are you?

Hi! I’m Ben, Max’s friend.

I’m Ella.

You’re Lucy!

No, I’m Ella.

I’m confused! Where’s Max?

He’s upstairs, sleeping.

Do you want a drink? Fruit juice? Milk? Water?

Water thanks. I’m thirsty.

Are you hungry?

Yeah, I’m hungry!

Good morning.

You’re Lucy?

Yeah. And your name is Ben!

(grins) You look just like Ella!

She’s my younger sister.

No! She’s my younger sister!

What do you two want for breakfast?

Cereal and fruit.

I like toast.

I like toast too!

I hate toast!

I like cereal and fruit and toast and bacon. Eggs too! I need food!

Good sleep?

Yeah, I was tired!

What time did you arrive last night?

Last night? It was about 11!

Far out! What’s the time?

It’s already 8 o’clock! We’re late!

Okay. We have to go! (to Ben) Bye.

(to Ben) See you later.

See you later.

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