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Scene I – Watching the clock


What's the time?


You go.

The girls are on board.

Wait, not yet.

The girls are on the boat!

Not all of them.

What do you mean?

Zoe's just coming.

We'll see you on board.



What? you had me worried.

It's 9:25! You're both late.

Sorry we're late. We got lost.

Lost! How?

We missed the bus, we had to walk.

And we turned right when we should have turned left.

Then we had to go back.

I couldn't believe it! How could we get lost!

I was so stressed out! I didn't want to miss the ferry!

Yeah. I was really worried!

It's okay. You texted me.

Yeah. Thanks for waiting.

That's okay.

Come on let's get going!

Yeah. We don't want to miss the ferry.

Yeah, we can't walk to Waiheke Island! Water!

Look at the time!

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