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Scene D – Making plans


Me and some friends are all going to Waiheke Island tomorrow.

Waiheke Island? Sounds great!

I went to Waiheke Island last week. It was great!

Oh! Look at this.

Cool photos! Nice phone!

The weather forecast looks good.

Sunny, no clouds.

What time are we going?

Eleven o'clock.

That's too late!

Ten o'clock?

Eight o'clock!

Okay nine o'clock! Tomorrow's Saturday. There's a ferry at half past.

Great. Who's coming?

My friend Charles. My friend Joe.

I'll text them and tell them ten.

No, make it nine o'clock!

Hey, Ben. What are you doing tonight?

Nothing. Why?

Great! You can come to our indoor netball game!

We play every Friday.

No. We're not coming. Netball's awful! We'll get bored!

I like indoor netball. It's exciting!

Great! See you later!

Bye. See you soon!

Hopefully. Bye!

Hey! You're too nice to them!

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