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Downloading files

The Ministry of Education makes the provision to download particular documents available to you on certain terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these conditions, you should not download the material.

The following list explains the different types of file this site uses and provides links to free software you can download and install, in order to play or view these files.


.pdf (Portable Document Format)

PDF documents can be viewed in these applications:

Download Adobe

 .doc (Microsoft® Word documents)

Microsoft® Word documents can be viewed in these applications:

Visit Microsoft Office Online

Download OpenOffice

.xls (Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets)

Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet files can be viewed in this application:

Visit Microsoft Office Online

.ppt (Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations)

Visit Microsoft Office Online

Download PowerPoint viewer

Music and video

.mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio file)

Mp3 audio files can be played in most media players, including Windows Media Player, QuickTime, and VLC.

Download QuickTime

Download VLC

.swf (ShockWave Flash)

Flash Player lets you experience the most engaging, interactive content on the Web, including animation and video.

Download Flash Player

.mov (QuickTime movies)

Apple QuickTime movies can be played in some media players, including QuickTime and VLC.

Download QuickTime

Download VLC

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