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Online material

The online material comprises this introduction and 20 units.

The introduction includes important information for teachers about the resource and how it is meant to work. It also contains information about NZSL and Deaf culture and offers advice and support for teaching these. A lesson outline and examples of classroom language using NZSL offer you guidance on how to manage and use your class time. There are also some useful references and other resources, along with a progress chart template.

Each unit has a theme and learning outcomes linked to the curriculum achievement objectives for levels 1 and 2.

The units generally consist of:

  • an introductory page with some key information
  • four activities that integrate the video footage with a research-based second-language learning pedagogy and best-practice assessment
  • worksheets that include illustrations of the signs to be learned in each unit
  • templates for specified tasks
  • transcripts of the video scenes in NZSL with English translations.

There is an overview of the learning outcomes for Units 1–20 in this introduction.

The illustrations of signs on the activity sheets are from the Online Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language. This dictionary contains frequently used signs.

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