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Unit 20 – GOODBYE Goodbye!

Achievement objectives

Curriculum link: levels 1 and 2 of The New Zealand Curriculum

In this unit, you and your students will assess their learning from Units 11–19.

Learning outcomes

In selected linguistic and sociocultural contexts, students will:

  • receive and produce information
  • produce and respond to questions and requests
  • show social awareness when interacting with others.

Success criteria

The assessment criteria are based on the proficiency descriptor and achievement objectives for learning languages levels 1 and 2. These criteria measure the students’ ability to communicate in NZSL.

Language knowledge

There is no new learning. This is a revision unit.

Video clips

There are no additional video clips to accompany Unit 20. Use the video clips associated with Units 11–19 for revision purposes.


Activity 20.1 Preparing for assessment

Activity 20.2 Discussing and using the assessment criteria

Activity 20.3 Giving a presentation

Activity 20.4 Assessing progress

Support material

Worksheet 10.1 Assessment criteria

Worksheet 10.2 Further language scenarios

Worksheet 10.3 Assessment record

Worksheet 20.1 Further language scenarios

Worksheet 20.2 Storytelling scenarios

Worksheet 20.3 Certificate of achievement

Thumbs Up! Progress chart

NZSL guidelines 2006 (NZSLiNZC) levels 1 and 2 (page 52)

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